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both for companies and individuals.


Consultancy / Solution delivery


Our team and experts can deliver any automation solution for your reporting team including:

  • automation of reports;
  • integrating reports with presentation tools;
  • integrating reports with data sources;
  • redefining / restructuring reports

In combination of a delivery project or as a standalone service we can also provide consultancy services:

  • assessment of the current practices, defining improvement options;
  • redefining report making process;
  • optimizing the work of the reporting team;
  • general advisory / project management support in related projects.

We have a number of already successfully implemented solutions. Please take a look at our Business Cases document that you can download from here:

Download Business Cases


Are you interested? Please get in touch with us on our Contact page (select from the top menu).

Special offer: Risk-free pilot project


We’re running a special deal for teams where Excel is used heavily for routine tasks and the increasing workload demands a different approach than just adding more working hours. We promise to decrease your time spent with a report, an accrual or an Excel model within a pre-set budget.


How does it work?

It’s really simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Please fill out our registration form below to see if this offer is feasible for you.
  • Once checked and is a match, we make an appointment which could be on-site (Amsterdam, NL or nearby) or virtual (Skype, Google Hangout etc.). At this meeting we set up a business case with a rapid implementation time of preferably one but maximum two weeks by selecting a well-defined issue or specific task and committing to a specific outcome and deadline.
  • To specify the requirements around the chosen issue we need a detailed manual or about 2-3 hour consultancy with an experienced team member. Then we work and deliver the automated solution within the agreed deadline. Well-documented including a presentation.
  • Your financial investment will be a one-time fee of EUR 2,500 (plus VAT if applicable; in case of a one-week delivery project) and the benefits are expected to pay the investment off as time-saving within 6-12 months.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: We want you to experience the way we work completely risk-free therefore you only pay once the previously agreed specific outcome is presented to you.

This is an excellent opportunity as preparation for your next year’s budget or for a time when interim Excel expertise is needed to cover for peak time.

NB: There’s a limited number of companies that we can accept into this summer pilot program. First come first served.

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Excel Online Training for Financials


If you’re a recent graduate looking for an Excel-heavy job in e.g. Financial Analysis, Controlling or Accounting or just landed one (congrats!), we’ll teach you how to use MS Excel in an optimal way for most time-saving through real-life examples. Curriculum goes beyond basic and advanced Excel tools such as formulas, Pivot tables, named ranges etc. and offers a way to understand Excel in a deeper way. We’ll teach you about data, financial modelling and basic programming in an accessible manner. You’ll get templates and the right exercises to become a confident user of MS Excel.

Our aim is to make Excel a trusted tool in your work life. With the right use of Excel you can save hours of your worktime and make your tasks in Excel a breeze to accomplish.

We have several introductory packages on offer combining self-paced online and 1:1 learning opportunities ranging from EUR 200 – EUR 500. If you would like to join the class starting 4th December, please sign up before midnight on 30th November. We’ll then get in touch with more details.

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